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'We were very impressed with the work you did on our Eucalyptus tree, it really was a job very well done. You turned up promptly and couldn't have been more polite, which to my Husband and I, is as important as the actual workmanship (which was top class). We even think our driveway was swept cleaner than it was before you arrived' :)

Wishing you success in your new business. I'm not sure when you start, but a few friends have asked for your details so hope it's ok to pass them on ?

It's Mrs Pooley from Raisins Hill (eucalyptus monster tree) just to apologise for not sending this sooner !


Daniel Pay – Tree Surgeon – 21/07/2014

Daniel and his team did an excellent job today.

At 12.00 noon they arrived on time and we firstly confirmed exactly what we needed doing. They then took down 6 plum trees, a very large sycamore tree and several leyllandi trees too. The hedges were lopped and trimmed to an agreed height and all the rubbish was shredded through the chipper as the job proceeded.

Daniel also kindly left me some of the chippings for my flower beds which was sorted into bags and carried to the back garden for storage.All the paths including the neighbour’s paths were swept and left neat andtidy.

I can unreservedly recommend Daniel for any tree surgery that you might need.

Lynne Halse, Northwood